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Scheduling Events


An event is an activity that lasts 24 hours or longer. Some events are recurring, meaning that they occur regularly at certain times. You can set a reminder to have Outlook remind you of an event. Outlook sets an 18 hour reminder on all events by default, which can be changed.

An event can be scheduled by:
- Using the Action menu
- Using the New Appointment button and checking "All day event" on the form
- Using the File menu to select the New Appointment form

Scheduling an event

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Practice Exercise

  1. 0pen MS Outlook and display the Calendar.
  2. Using the Date Navigator, select July 4 for the coming year.
  3. From the Action menu, select New All Day Event and schedule an event for July 4th
  4. Schedule a conference from July 22 through July 23 using the New Appointment button. In the appointment form, check "All day event," and schedule a conference from July 22 through July 23.
  5. Double click on the July 4the event to open it and set it to recurr every year.
  6. Switch to the Month view.
  7. Compare your computer screen to the solution image below.
  8. Review the above material if needed, before moving to the next section.

Your Exercise Should Look Like:

Events exercise solution