Outlook 2007 Calendar Outlook 2007 Calendar - Appointments and Events

Navigating the Calendar


This section will introduce you to the Calendar interface. When you open MS Outlook, you will click on the Calendar Button to access the Calendar Program. The right hand side of the screen contains the Appointment Area. An appointment is an activity that occurs at a specific time that does not require inviting other people, or reserving a room or equipment. The Banner Area on top, contains tabs to show the Day, Week, and Month view. The Navigation Pane on the left, contains the Date Navigator, which allows you to go to a speific date. The Today Button in the toolbar, takes you to the current date.

Navigation of the Calendar

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Practice Exercise

  1. Open MS Outlook and display the Calendar.
  2. Using the Date Navigator, use the arrows to select the month of January for the coming year, and select day 1.
  3. In the Banner Area, click on the Week tab, and choose "Show full week."
  4. In the Appointment Area, scroll down to display the 1:00pm time interval in the top row.
  5. Compare your computer screen to the solution image below.
  6. Review the above material if needed, before moving to the next section.

Your Exercise Should Look Like:

Calendar navigation solution